Monday, January 11, 2010

Read the tag

The tag usually says about things your food consists of. Today people usually read tags but they care mostly about expire date and they never read what it says as for the quality and content of a food-stuff they buy. And that is why often people are not satisfied with food-stuff they have and they sometimes have problems with it. It is not the common case though there are still several cases of people felt bad after they ate something. It is important to know what the food you eat is because the food we eat is what we are. It is the source of energy and everything important for our organism. There are cases when people buy half-finished food-stuff because they don’t have much time for cooking. It is a good option in case you are really in a lack of time, though it is terribly wrong to eat such food constantly. Read tags and see if there are no components that are harmful for your body and your health because it is easier to prevent diseases than to get read of it. You can hear a lot about food-stuff when you see its ad but it is the tag only that can give you the real and full information about stuff you are going to eat.

Tea and coffee

Tea and coffee are also about food because people like having a cup of something after they had their breakfast or dinner or supper. See, people always drink something and there are tea-lovers and there are also coffee-lovers. Though, people should never drink too much of tea or coffee because both these drinks may cause harm to people. Well, nothing will turn into poison n case people never misuse it, though if misusing a tea or coffee you will soon feel the influence of those on your body and health. First of all tea and coffee can change the color of your teeth and the color of your skin and believe me, those are not changes for the better. And coffee is greatly provided with caffeine (in comparison to tea) and so too much of coffee may turn a person into nervous something and there may also be a headache. See, these are another reasons for you not to misuse tea and coffee stuff. And as for the tea, it sometimes lows the blood pressure, especial in case it is about green tea and so there is no way for people with low blood pressure to drink it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The effects of high cholesterol are commonly known.

When referring to “bad” cholesterol, it means that low-density lipoprotein (LDL), simplified as a molecule which is a combination of fats and proteins, transport fat in the blood from the liver to body tissue such as the walls of the arteries. This prevents blood to flow freely through the veins. This fatty material packs, thickens, hardens and eventually over time block the arteries. This condition is known as Atherosclerosis.

However, not all cholesterol is bad. Very little people know that cholesterol, known to be a non-soluble wax matter is significant for building membranes, cell walls, nerve casings and the production of hormones.

Subjecting your body to high cholesterol levels can result in conditions such as high blood pressure and other disorders such as Atherosclerosis and fibrosis.

You can reduce high levels of cholesterol by maintain a healthy lifestyle that involves a diet with low cholesterol food and a regular fitness program. An unhealthy lifestyle of immoderation increases the risk of high cholesterol levels.
It is important to remember that trans-fats and hydrogenated fats or oils used in food, can be more damaging than the saturated fats of oils of some origin. Palm oil or olive oil may be more expensive, but is the best choice if you want to be safe against the damaging effects of too much cholesterol.

Consider a regular cholesterol test to prevent fatal hypertension or a stroke due to instant increases which you are unaware of.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Simple Subject

With the burst of reality television taking on simple subjects like food, the food industry has seen a huge influx in the at home food enthusiast market. At home chefs and those who are developing a new love affair with the food industry are blooming everywhere, and the changes are refreshing. More families are experiencing the wonders of real cooking, intricate and exotic foods, and of course the shared family meal. Many families are astounded to find out that their food expert has been lying dormant right under their nose for so long.

Learning to cook new foods, learning new and improved cooking techniques, and learning to try new styles and techniques has opened the door for many culinary fans. TV reality cooking shows have helped many of these budding chefs learn and grow, while giving them direction toward the right cook books and food stores to make the at home experience more impressive than many restaurants offer.

As the reality food shows increase, the market threatens to become oversaturated with food based reality, but the hungry at home chefs are always on the prowl for more information and more inspiration. Bringing new and exotic food to the table has given so many at home chefs the opportunity to explore their more creative and fun side and has provided a fantastic outlet for stress and the ever popular food dilemmas. Who knew that a few simple reality food based television shows would prompt such an intense response?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Any person has to eat every day to gain energy necessary for life and different activities. What is food for us? Some people turn it into some kind of their religion. They collect recipes, exchange ways of cakes baking and speak only about food.

Others are quite indifferent to it and just swallow everything given as they do not want to spend time on such trifles.

The third try to keep to some system like separate nutrition, invalid nutrition and speak about different diets, count calories and try to replace really tasty dishes by something uneatable.

Their favourite item in the household is a person-weighing machine.

The most suffering people in this case are usually not those who fuss about diets and calories, but their relatives.

A husband often dreams about a big tasty piece of meat instead of some green salad for dinner after a hard working day.

And what is food for you?

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Nutrition and immunity

One of the first places on the importance of our body is the immune system. This fact is proved by repeated research. Judge for yourself just unwashed at the hands of bacteria, viruses, microbes hundreds of times more than clean hands. But not all the objects that surround us, we can wash bacterial soap.
As we know, most viruses and bacteria that surround us, under certain conditions, is easy to move from opportunistic pathogens in pathogenic state, and therefore dangerous to the human body. That is why it is important to keep your immune system, at least in a satisfactory condition. The most banal influenza weakens the immune system by 50%, and if he runs as a complex long form, the easing of interest, and say no. How to strengthen your immune system with the help of various exercises and techniques for hardening, as well as other methods will tell your doctor of immunology, and I - Doctor nutritionist, will try to give you information about the correct use of food products, which directly affect the status of the human immune system.
Your diet should not be monotonous, even if you sit on a diet. It should be balanced as much as possible in all components. It was the period of application of diets, is the most vulnerable place for your immune system. During this period, the body does not receive the amount of nutrients that used to be plentiful and easily. What then affects the entire body as a whole, as well as your immune system in particular.